Saturday, 10 March 2012

You can guess my mood from the nail polish I wear!!

Hello lovelies!!

So yesterday I stopped by at Boots Piccadilly Circus and noticed the SensatioNail Starter kit.
As you all know I love love doing manicure. I feel as naked as not having my clothes on without dressing my nails up too!! And even though I have been applying nail polishes myself for years so the application never take that long for me, the fact that I have rather weak nails means they would peel of so quick that I need to re-dress them frequently.

And of course, I just do not have the time and thus I usually end up with chipped nails. Even with little imperfections they can bother me quite a lot. The gel nail is therefore, something I have been looking for. The technique has been there for ages but you always need to go to the salon to get it.. But living here as a student I believe it is too ridiculous to visit the salon regularly. I thought if SensatioNail works, that would be fabulous! I did not get the kit right away though. I was a bit skeptic so I went home and did some research..

and this is what they claim..

"SensatioNail™ comes in a nail polish bottle but that's where the similarity ends. Unlike ordinary nail color that fades within a day or two…Unlike polish that can easily peel or chip…Unlike slow-to-dry lacquers that barely makes it out of the salon without smudging and smearing, this amazing formula glides on smoothly and easily. It's flash-dried in seconds to a radiantly resilient finish with its special lamp and then lasts for up to 2 flawless weeks. Your nails are completely dry by the time your manicure is over. There's no hanging out and waiting so you won't smudge it! You can even put your hands in gloves without spoiling your manicure."

Okay, I really couldn't help myself after browsing through all the reviews (SensatioNail was launched in the States a while back, but just hit the UK on March 7th). Today I went to Boots in Westfield to get one!!

The starter kit

Gel cleanser, get primer, gel base & topcoat, "Scarlet Rouge" gel color

I believe this is a very perfect solution (to date) for anyone who do their nails at home. It is easy and quick. The chance of messing your nail up is significantly reduced because after each application, you put your nail down under the LED lamp for 30 (for gel base& topcoat) or 60 (for the color) seconds and they are completely dry!! Yes, you are good to go after the final application.

My thumb under the LED lamp :)

And here is the final results..
My super glossy nails
Again, the shade is called Scarlet Rouge

My nails are shiny and a little thicker compared to the normal polish application.

The available range of shade is quite satisfactory too.. The selection may not be as wide as the typical nail polish of course, but since I don't usually go far from rather conservative colors I am really happy with the availability.

The only thing left for me to prove is the claim that they can stay up to 2 weeks.. to be honest I don't want to put my expectation up too high.. we will just have to wait and see :)

Whoaa I'm impressed!!

I will keep you all posted on the results!!



  1. Completely dry? Are you sure? If it takes so little time to dry it up that would be soooo cool *-*

  2. Trust me.. it is dry!!! Unbelievable!! Now I'm actually a bit concern if my nails will remain considerably healthy after the removal!! Will update u on that in a few weeks time!! xx


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