Friday, 9 March 2012

The London Fahion Weekend

Ok I know this is a bit delayed but two weeks ago I had a chance to attend London Fashion Weekend at the Somerset House.

To be honest, it was just another shopping event but you can actually find some of the most amazing bargains there (of course, if you are lucky enough!). However, there are also a lot of vintage stuffs that did not really suit the atmosphere of "Fashion week".. I don't know.. sometimes I just feel like I can find those stuffs at Spitalfields market.

Queuing at the entrance

 Anyhow, I actually got a precious souvenir back home at that night.
Guess what it is? hehehehe

Will tell you guys later once I feel like it!!!  Just to hint (and comforting myself at the same time)
It's an investment piece.. and I believe it worth the money.. I really do :)

The view of River Thames from the Somerset House.. You gotta heart Landannn!!

Ps. It's actually the Valentino jacket!!!!! *applaud with joy*
I will show you guys someday baby.. someday 

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