Friday, 27 January 2012

Welcome to the Hell's kitchen!!

Mr. Ramsey has sent an invitation to me to visit his famous restaurant near Bond street.
Well.. actually he is so famous that my girlies and I cannot resist the temptation and decided to pay the Hell's kitchen head chef a visit at one of his restuarant - Maze Grill!!!
Welcome to the Maze by Gordon Ramsey

Despite all the criticisms of our surrounding peeps who have been little disappointed with Mr. Gordon before, we actually had a super duper time at Maze Grill. We started off with the freshly baked bread which did not failed to impress my girlies.

 We decided to skip appetizers and jump straight to main courses.. Not that the appetizers didn't look attractive enough but we thought it's gonna be a bit too much to handle 3 courses meal tonight!

Let me show you what Chef Ramsey presented us with at the Maze, my main course was this delicious Pan-fried sea bream, grilled potatoes, edamame with miso dressing.
Bell and Mum ordered the same dish which was the Dedham Vale onglet steak, chips and steak sauce.
I stole some of theirs and I got to say that the chef has done an incredibly job!!! The meat was really tender and cooked perfectly. Bell ordered hers medium rare and I have to admit that it was so brilliant!! 

When it comes to desserts - our friends whenever we are happy or sad- many chefs could easily got defeated and had to pack their bags home.. for Mr. Ramsey, the verdict from our honorable judges was..

"Congratulation mister.. you pass!!" (and you got a distinction actually)
Here we ordered two Chocolate brownie with salt caramel ice cream and the Elderflower pannacotta, pistachio biscotti. No matter how full we were, without any questions we managed to finish all the dessert.
Chocolate brownie with salt caramel ice cream
Elderflower pannacotta with pistachio biscotti

Mum and the Brownies
Bell and the Brownies
Meeh and the Panacotta

 I have actually made an agreement with my girlies that since Mr. Ramsey has left such an impression on us, we would definitely give him a visit again some times (Maybe once he decides to change the early supper menus so we can try different dishes!).

And if you are still unsure, you should come and try the food at the Maze Grill yourself in which you should not be, in any cases, feeling disappointed by this celebrity chef!!



Wednesday, 25 January 2012

When in Britain, do as the British do!!

Having been in London for years, I'm surprised how little time I have to exploit all the wonderful stuffs the city has to offer.. I expressed my realisation to my girls and they all admit to feel the same so..

TADAHHHH!!! Here we are at the W Hotel, Leicester Square - enjoying the British tradition, the famous afternoon tea..
W Rock at the Lounge, W Hotel

The tea set is actually come in "W Rock" theme and so basically all the names of sandwiches and patisseries are inspired by all time favourite songs. For instance, the 4 types of sandwiches are called "Dark side of the moon",  "Rule Britannia" are the currant scone with clotted cream and jam, "London's Burning" are the chocolate puddings and the "Sticky Fingers" are the mouth and tongue shaped meringue.

"Purple haze" - Vitoria Sponge & psychedelic marzipan
Cherry Bomb, Rule Britannia, Every Rose has a Thorn and Sticky Fingers

Oh by the way, let me introduce my girly gang members..
Me and Mummy - aka Yani!!! ;p
and here is the little Bell!!
Though I would have to say that they don't taste as great as they appear to be, we still enjoy our "British" moment and, of course, our juicy gossip conversation!! Thank goodness I have companies like them otherwise my life would probably be so super boring (you have no idea!!)..

Ahh, I heart heart heart this Vanilla moment of mine <3

Our table and the back of Bello <3


P.s. Tomorrow we will be visiting Mr. Ramsey's Maze Grill for dinner!!! Hehehe.. will keep updating whether a close friend of the Beckhams chef of the hell's kitchen has what it takes to impress us!!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year from the crews at home!!!

Though my dad is pure Chinese, I can't really say that I am so into all the traditions and beliefs related to Chinese new year celebration..

Fortunate enough, despite being away from the family I discovered that generous relatives still give me red pockets (though my mom said she would keep all to herself). The amount is not gigantic but I'm still thankful they haven't forgotten about me.

On Saturday I had a chance to join the early Chinese new year dinner at my friend's place where I got to meet so many interesting people there (mostly architects!!, interesting huh!?). Since I have been feeling a bit down with my life, being surrounded by the same kind of people and repeated routines, the dinner actually cheered me up a little :) Thanks to my besty's boyfriend, Teak, who was the host.

Being far away from home during such festive season is depressing. But I am quite occupied with the soon to be due managerial accounting essay on Costing management.. So here are some photos of my crews at home which my sister uploaded on her page...

Here are Bobby the Beagle, Black Rose and Blue Hawaii

The Two Chihuahuas and Mr. Dragon

Hope you all have a fabulous year.. by the way, this year is the year of dragon! How cool is that huh!? I'm not even sure if dragons actually exist in real life lol..

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