Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Last bits of home

I've been back in London for a few days now.. intense revision period has officially started..
Here are some bits of home that I will miss..


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Any other days...

Today is the last day I get to stay in Bangkok before flying off to face super cruel reality tonight
*sad face* It's kind of hard to believe that the exam prep period has arrived, knocking on my brain cells - reminding them to start being more organise and ready for pressure..

This year, in particular, is pretty tough.. content-wise and also my exam timetable is really harsh!!

well at least it's been considerably chill week here, in Bangkok!!

How much I miss the fishy

Godiva and (500) days of summer complete my night

Kio Ramen at the Rain Hill Sukhumvit 47

One of my fav at Parferio :p

Nueng and Ploen at Parferio
Dessert at the Grand Hyatt Erawan



Monday, 19 March 2012

Good morning Bangkok!!

Even though this is my 6th morning in Bangkok, I still cannot deal with jet-lag!!
My oh my.. nothing could make me feel better but..

Have a nice Tuesday!!


Friday, 16 March 2012

Bangkok day 1 & 2

Raspberry, Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Bitter Chocolate, Roses

Lalalalalaaa.. something that's vanished in thin air!!


Rock our nails :)

Tai, Nueng, me & Ploen

Hello Bingo!! <3


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

"Less talk, more snogging"

I still cannot believe we spent 4/5 hours at Snog last night - talk talk talkkk!!!
Great time with the zaaapp conversation I'd say :D


Saturday, 10 March 2012

You can guess my mood from the nail polish I wear!!

Hello lovelies!!

So yesterday I stopped by at Boots Piccadilly Circus and noticed the SensatioNail Starter kit.
As you all know I love love doing manicure. I feel as naked as not having my clothes on without dressing my nails up too!! And even though I have been applying nail polishes myself for years so the application never take that long for me, the fact that I have rather weak nails means they would peel of so quick that I need to re-dress them frequently.

And of course, I just do not have the time and thus I usually end up with chipped nails. Even with little imperfections they can bother me quite a lot. The gel nail is therefore, something I have been looking for. The technique has been there for ages but you always need to go to the salon to get it.. But living here as a student I believe it is too ridiculous to visit the salon regularly. I thought if SensatioNail works, that would be fabulous! I did not get the kit right away though. I was a bit skeptic so I went home and did some research..

and this is what they claim..

"SensatioNail™ comes in a nail polish bottle but that's where the similarity ends. Unlike ordinary nail color that fades within a day or two…Unlike polish that can easily peel or chip…Unlike slow-to-dry lacquers that barely makes it out of the salon without smudging and smearing, this amazing formula glides on smoothly and easily. It's flash-dried in seconds to a radiantly resilient finish with its special lamp and then lasts for up to 2 flawless weeks. Your nails are completely dry by the time your manicure is over. There's no hanging out and waiting so you won't smudge it! You can even put your hands in gloves without spoiling your manicure."

Okay, I really couldn't help myself after browsing through all the reviews (SensatioNail was launched in the States a while back, but just hit the UK on March 7th). Today I went to Boots in Westfield to get one!!

The starter kit

Gel cleanser, get primer, gel base & topcoat, "Scarlet Rouge" gel color

I believe this is a very perfect solution (to date) for anyone who do their nails at home. It is easy and quick. The chance of messing your nail up is significantly reduced because after each application, you put your nail down under the LED lamp for 30 (for gel base& topcoat) or 60 (for the color) seconds and they are completely dry!! Yes, you are good to go after the final application.

My thumb under the LED lamp :)

And here is the final results..
My super glossy nails
Again, the shade is called Scarlet Rouge

My nails are shiny and a little thicker compared to the normal polish application.

The available range of shade is quite satisfactory too.. The selection may not be as wide as the typical nail polish of course, but since I don't usually go far from rather conservative colors I am really happy with the availability.

The only thing left for me to prove is the claim that they can stay up to 2 weeks.. to be honest I don't want to put my expectation up too high.. we will just have to wait and see :)

Whoaa I'm impressed!!

I will keep you all posted on the results!!


Friday, 9 March 2012

Follow me to my-wardrobe dot com

Regardless of how busy I was for the past 2-3 weeks, which I actually will be for the next 3 months. Thanks to the super generous education system.. (and in case you don't realise, I am being sarcastic here!!). Okay back to the point - despite being super busy, I still have spare times for online shopping.

It was a sales of sales so you know how yummy this kind of promotion appears to us (yes, I know it's not just me!). And these are what I got from my-wardrobe.com final reduction last month.

The first pair is My-wardrobe.com exclusive Penelope Chilvers Exclusive navy dandy velvet shoe!!
It originally retails at £313 - I got her for £100.

The second pair is MCQ Alexander McQueen Studded Platform Pointed court who was retailed at £275 and I got her for £88!! Woohooo!! Thanks to My-wardrobe.com

The lesson I learn from this?? - Good bargains are always there for those with patience :)
Ok, it does not apply to everything since many stuffs are sold out horribly quick!! You never know - what I can advise you on is .. to use your gut feelings!!


The London Fahion Weekend

Ok I know this is a bit delayed but two weeks ago I had a chance to attend London Fashion Weekend at the Somerset House.

To be honest, it was just another shopping event but you can actually find some of the most amazing bargains there (of course, if you are lucky enough!). However, there are also a lot of vintage stuffs that did not really suit the atmosphere of "Fashion week".. I don't know.. sometimes I just feel like I can find those stuffs at Spitalfields market.

Queuing at the entrance

 Anyhow, I actually got a precious souvenir back home at that night.
Guess what it is? hehehehe

Will tell you guys later once I feel like it!!!  Just to hint (and comforting myself at the same time)
It's an investment piece.. and I believe it worth the money.. I really do :)

The view of River Thames from the Somerset House.. You gotta heart Landannn!!

Ps. It's actually the Valentino jacket!!!!! *applaud with joy*
I will show you guys someday baby.. someday 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Without the Chanel Le Varnish, I feel naked!!

I don't mean to be a snob but, no other brands can bump Chanel Le Vanish off my heart!!
If you know me, I never ever breath without having my nails dressed up.
I don't go for fancied types of nail decorations - I prefer plain, classic (of course, depending on my super swing moods and seasons).

And today I have just heard the good news:   

From today until March the 6th,  Selfridges London invites all the nail varnish lovers to discover the CHANEL LE VERNIS ‘Shade Parade’ with a personalised nail shape and colour service.

"CHANEL is creating a splash with an all star cast to welcome the ‘Shade Parade’, an animated film celebrating the iconic nail colours from CHANEL in the style of a musical."

Interpreting a play of hands infused with grace, humour and elegance, seven exclusive LE VERNIS shades including Particulière, Orange Fizz, Black Pearl and Dragon, take on the leading roles in an unprecedented and ingenious staging down to the fingertips.

You can visit the fabulous window display at Selfridges London to see the film for yourself.
OR here!!

And the cool bit is... "To celebrate the exclusive launch, book your appointment* for your personalised nail shape and colour service by calling the CHANEL make-up studio on 0207 318 2372."
*£20 booking fee applies, redeemable against purchase on the same day.

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