Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Without the Chanel Le Varnish, I feel naked!!

I don't mean to be a snob but, no other brands can bump Chanel Le Vanish off my heart!!
If you know me, I never ever breath without having my nails dressed up.
I don't go for fancied types of nail decorations - I prefer plain, classic (of course, depending on my super swing moods and seasons).

And today I have just heard the good news:   

From today until March the 6th,  Selfridges London invites all the nail varnish lovers to discover the CHANEL LE VERNIS ‘Shade Parade’ with a personalised nail shape and colour service.

"CHANEL is creating a splash with an all star cast to welcome the ‘Shade Parade’, an animated film celebrating the iconic nail colours from CHANEL in the style of a musical."

Interpreting a play of hands infused with grace, humour and elegance, seven exclusive LE VERNIS shades including Particulière, Orange Fizz, Black Pearl and Dragon, take on the leading roles in an unprecedented and ingenious staging down to the fingertips.

You can visit the fabulous window display at Selfridges London to see the film for yourself.
OR here!!

And the cool bit is... "To celebrate the exclusive launch, book your appointment* for your personalised nail shape and colour service by calling the CHANEL make-up studio on 0207 318 2372."
*£20 booking fee applies, redeemable against purchase on the same day.


Friday, 17 February 2012

My closet wants to go KaBoom!!!

Today I dropped by at Topshop, Oxford Circus branch to return a blouse I didn't really love.
I also tried to get hold of few extra sets of Meadham Kirchhoff nail wraps but sad enough, they are sold out!!! For goodness's sake it's been only 2 days *sad face*

And I quickly browsed through the super jaw dropping Mary Katrantzou for Topshop collection which has just been launched today I believe. The stocks are running out really fast and I managed to grab the last dress on the rag. I checked the price tag and again, feel like crying.. She costs £350!!! So despite how much I heart heart heart her, I had to let her go *tears running down*.

This is how she looks.. Gorgeous isn't she?

The super cool dress that cost frigging £350!!

I actually love this trousers as well but again.. she would take away my £130..
So I kind of have to leave her like that..

You see.. neither hot guys nor being single on Valentine's day could hurt me as much as not having these fabulous ladies in my closet!!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere..Imagination, life is your creation!!

I am so excited to announce that I am now an official owner of Meadham Kirchhoff nail wrap!!

Hoooraaayyyy Heeehooooo!!!!!!!!!!

It was a love at first sight between us..
They are parts of the Meadham kirchhoff SS2012 collection which appeared for the first time at London Fashion Week back in September.. The collection combines everything a girl obsesses with.. including pastel colors, candyfloss inspired hair, teddy bears and of course, rainbows!!

Meadham Kirchhoff SS2012 straight from LFW Runway
Despite my love for the clothes, I don't really have the gut to go to uni in them.. maybe if I do, I would probably become the goddess among all nerds in the library! After all, just having these babies nail wrappings with me, I feel over the moon :)

How adorable they are?!! Notice the anomaly? :p

Now they are finally parts of my closet. I also grabbed one for my sissy and another for my besty :) They are available exclusively at Topshop. They are retailed at £7 I believe. Hurry up and get one for yourself!!

ps. in case you didn't notice - there's a pattern of vagina included as well :p


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

And even if the sun refuse to shine..

Happy Valentine's day love!! <3

Okay so today is basically just another day for me.. been quite a packed one.
Though I would say I started to feel more lively and energetic. I think it's because
the hours of sunshine are getting longer and longer.. now I'm trying to become an early bird once again!! heehehhehe

My day has been occupied with the topic of state owned companies and the implications of privatisation - not to mention variance analysis and finishing off my essay on the criticisms of traditional budgeting systems (phewww!!)

Things that have been distracting me during the day are..
Ladurée Water color picture by Carol Gillott


Even more..

I want them all!!!

Ladurée!!! I cannot stop thinking of you <3
Which are your favourites?
But seriously I don't really have the time to visit the shop yet. Even though it's only 10 minutes walk away *gagagaga* 

Okay.. talking about sweetness, since it's Valentine's day I would share with you one of my favourite song (especially for this occasion).. the song is called Valentine (unsurprisingly huh!) and it's by Martina McBride.. Check it out.. honestly I think it's one of the sweetest song ever!!


Hope you all have had a great Valentine's (or Tuesday for those who are single teehee) day so far..
and I will probably update you guys again very very soon..


ps. I can't resist to show this picture to you guys and scream "EXACTLY!!" :p
Even SpongeBob would have to agree!!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Get well soonish my love

My baby Bingo has just undergone the under-eyelid surgery
Because his face is too flat!! His under eyelid rolled back and caused irritation..

Hopefully he will recover very very very soon my baby!!

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