Tuesday, 14 February 2012

And even if the sun refuse to shine..

Happy Valentine's day love!! <3

Okay so today is basically just another day for me.. been quite a packed one.
Though I would say I started to feel more lively and energetic. I think it's because
the hours of sunshine are getting longer and longer.. now I'm trying to become an early bird once again!! heehehhehe

My day has been occupied with the topic of state owned companies and the implications of privatisation - not to mention variance analysis and finishing off my essay on the criticisms of traditional budgeting systems (phewww!!)

Things that have been distracting me during the day are..
Ladurée Water color picture by Carol Gillott


Even more..

I want them all!!!

Ladurée!!! I cannot stop thinking of you <3
Which are your favourites?
But seriously I don't really have the time to visit the shop yet. Even though it's only 10 minutes walk away *gagagaga* 

Okay.. talking about sweetness, since it's Valentine's day I would share with you one of my favourite song (especially for this occasion).. the song is called Valentine (unsurprisingly huh!) and it's by Martina McBride.. Check it out.. honestly I think it's one of the sweetest song ever!!


Hope you all have had a great Valentine's (or Tuesday for those who are single teehee) day so far..
and I will probably update you guys again very very soon..


ps. I can't resist to show this picture to you guys and scream "EXACTLY!!" :p
Even SpongeBob would have to agree!!

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