Wednesday, 15 February 2012

You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere..Imagination, life is your creation!!

I am so excited to announce that I am now an official owner of Meadham Kirchhoff nail wrap!!

Hoooraaayyyy Heeehooooo!!!!!!!!!!

It was a love at first sight between us..
They are parts of the Meadham kirchhoff SS2012 collection which appeared for the first time at London Fashion Week back in September.. The collection combines everything a girl obsesses with.. including pastel colors, candyfloss inspired hair, teddy bears and of course, rainbows!!

Meadham Kirchhoff SS2012 straight from LFW Runway
Despite my love for the clothes, I don't really have the gut to go to uni in them.. maybe if I do, I would probably become the goddess among all nerds in the library! After all, just having these babies nail wrappings with me, I feel over the moon :)

How adorable they are?!! Notice the anomaly? :p

Now they are finally parts of my closet. I also grabbed one for my sissy and another for my besty :) They are available exclusively at Topshop. They are retailed at £7 I believe. Hurry up and get one for yourself!!

ps. in case you didn't notice - there's a pattern of vagina included as well :p


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  1. too cute so cute very cute omg *thinking about going to topshop tomorrow


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