Friday, 17 February 2012

My closet wants to go KaBoom!!!

Today I dropped by at Topshop, Oxford Circus branch to return a blouse I didn't really love.
I also tried to get hold of few extra sets of Meadham Kirchhoff nail wraps but sad enough, they are sold out!!! For goodness's sake it's been only 2 days *sad face*

And I quickly browsed through the super jaw dropping Mary Katrantzou for Topshop collection which has just been launched today I believe. The stocks are running out really fast and I managed to grab the last dress on the rag. I checked the price tag and again, feel like crying.. She costs £350!!! So despite how much I heart heart heart her, I had to let her go *tears running down*.

This is how she looks.. Gorgeous isn't she?

The super cool dress that cost frigging £350!!

I actually love this trousers as well but again.. she would take away my £130..
So I kind of have to leave her like that..

You see.. neither hot guys nor being single on Valentine's day could hurt me as much as not having these fabulous ladies in my closet!!


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