Wednesday, 25 January 2012

When in Britain, do as the British do!!

Having been in London for years, I'm surprised how little time I have to exploit all the wonderful stuffs the city has to offer.. I expressed my realisation to my girls and they all admit to feel the same so..

TADAHHHH!!! Here we are at the W Hotel, Leicester Square - enjoying the British tradition, the famous afternoon tea..
W Rock at the Lounge, W Hotel

The tea set is actually come in "W Rock" theme and so basically all the names of sandwiches and patisseries are inspired by all time favourite songs. For instance, the 4 types of sandwiches are called "Dark side of the moon",  "Rule Britannia" are the currant scone with clotted cream and jam, "London's Burning" are the chocolate puddings and the "Sticky Fingers" are the mouth and tongue shaped meringue.

"Purple haze" - Vitoria Sponge & psychedelic marzipan
Cherry Bomb, Rule Britannia, Every Rose has a Thorn and Sticky Fingers

Oh by the way, let me introduce my girly gang members..
Me and Mummy - aka Yani!!! ;p
and here is the little Bell!!
Though I would have to say that they don't taste as great as they appear to be, we still enjoy our "British" moment and, of course, our juicy gossip conversation!! Thank goodness I have companies like them otherwise my life would probably be so super boring (you have no idea!!)..

Ahh, I heart heart heart this Vanilla moment of mine <3

Our table and the back of Bello <3


P.s. Tomorrow we will be visiting Mr. Ramsey's Maze Grill for dinner!!! Hehehe.. will keep updating whether a close friend of the Beckhams chef of the hell's kitchen has what it takes to impress us!!

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